AVID - How to Make a 2K QuickTime Scope or Flat

Open your AVID Project

Select the Sequence

Go to >File>Output>Export to File

Click on Options

Click on the Audio Format Tab

Change the QT Audio Option to Stereo

Click OK

Click on the Video Format Tab now and we'll set up the Video Format

Click on Custom Button

Make sure Video and Audio button is selected

Choose the Export Type Quicktime

Width and Height 1998 x 1080 for a Flat DCP

Native Dimensions 1998 x 1080

2048 x 858
is the setting for a Scope DCP

Choose Color Levels "Keep at Legal Range"

Native Dimensions either 2048 x 858

Then click on Format Options

Movie Settings > Click on Video Settings>

Choose Avid DNxHR Codec

Frame Rate Current

Color Levels 709

None on Alpha

Resolutions Generally Choose DNxHR High Quality 10 bit or 8 bit

Click on Sound Settings

Change to the following


Format: Linear PCM

Channels Stereo (L R)

Rate: 48.000

Quality: Normal

Sample size: 24

Little Endian

Click OK


Movie Settings


Compression Type: Avid DNxHR Codec

Quality: Medium don't worry about that it's high quality


Format: Linear PCM

Channels Stereo L, R

Rate: 48.000

Quality: Best

Sample size: 24

Little Endian

Click OK

Color Levels - Keep as Legal Range

Check the settings shown here to make sure you have it set right

Click Save

Perform the export choose a place to save the file choose Save