AVID - Automatic Color Correction

You don't have to but could consider removing the LUT on the footage.

Right click sequence>Refresh Sequence>Remove Color Adapters

If your timeline has a "C"on it like this then you need to remove the color adapter

Click on Windows on the top navigation bar > Workspaces > Color Correction

Or press the COLOR icon on the side bar to enter "COLOR" mode

Select the HSL

Tab (Hue, Saturation, Luminance)

Make sure that “Hue

Offsets” is selected.

These buttons are

the “Auto Color Correction Tools”

Auto Balance – Removes Color Casts

Auto Black – Adjusts the black to the richest levels of black – removes milky look

Auto Contrast – Adjusts for the best possible contrast between black and white

To apply place cursor on the clip to apply color correction and click:

Apply and change in this order:

Auto Black

Auto Balance

Auto Contrast

Click the – Dual Split Icon will show the before and after color correction

Before is on the left and after on the right

You can drag this template to your bin and apply to other similar clips

To move to the previous or next uncorrected shot, press these buttons

Make sure the video quality menu is set to full green and then render all effects before export.