BlackMagic Davinci Resolve - How to Export a Surround Sound File Use This for End of Semester Screenings

You will have your existing timeline from color correction but we're not going to use that

WE are going to copy and paste that timeline into a new timeline

Right click in the Media Pool area

>Choose >Timeline>CreateNew Timeline

Set the Timeline to be 1 Video Track

1 audio track that is 5.1

Uncheck Empty Timeline

Click on "Create"

Click on the "Gear" Icon to set the correct aspect ratio for the timeline

Choose Master Settings

We have a "flat" DCP 1998 x 1080 so

make the timeline resolution 1998 x 1080

Same as if you had a 2048 x 858 Scope DCP

Click on "Save"

Check Image Scaling

Use this only if someone has given you a file that is not scope or flat

Stretch Frame to all corners or try all the input scaling settings

to make sure you are scaled right

Next go to >Fairlight>Bus Format

Choose Format 5.1

NOT 5.1 FILM!!

Click on OK

Load the finished timeline that you already color corrected/exported then select all the clips by click "Command A"

Next Copy and paste the image files from the old timeline into the new 5.1 timeline

Then copy the clips by selecting "Command C" or Edit>Copy
Load the newly created 5.1 timeline by double clicking it in the

Then paste the clips you copied from the original timeline
Add 5.1 file to media tool - Go to Media Tool

Locate the file on the hard drives and add it into Media Tool

Edit it into the timeline-Go back to Edit Mode

Then edit the 5.1 sound file on the 5.1 audio track

Play for sync test and make sure all the timeline is in sync and sounds right

Last Export Quicktime for the Flat DCP for the Screening Deliverable for RTF screenings

Click on Deliver tab

Click on Custom

Choose Single Clip

Choose Video

Export Video


ProRes 422

1998 x 1080 DCI Flat 1:85


Advanced Settings

Check - Retain sub-black and super-white data

Click on the Audio Tab

Choose Export Audio

Codec Linear PCM

24 bit

Main 5.1

Click on Filename and title it

Click on Browse and put the file where you choose

Click Save

Last click on Add to Render Queue

Click Start Render