RODECaster Pro - how to add sound effects to the board

To change the effect or to see what is loaded on all of them open the RØDECaster Pro software

Go to the sounds tab and you can see what is loaded

All the squares will have a label

To add a different effect download the audio file or find it on our stock server and drag it over to the colored button

To get to our sound effects library

click on the icon in the dock

Choose class_folders>Stock>Audio>Sound_FX

The software will convert the file

Then you can name it and change the color if you want

You can also record sound effects through the RODECaster

  1. Tap on the music note on the LCD screen
  2. There are 16 buttons split between 2 pages. Tap on the arrow to change pages or tap on a button to select it to record
  3. Select a color and playback method
    1. Latch - Tap once to play (repeated press stops it)
    2. Pause - Tap once to play (repeated press pauses it and will continue from there)
    3. Replay - Tap once to play (repeated press restarts from beginning)
    4. Play - Tap once to play (repeated press is disabled, continues till finished)
    5. !@#' - Press and hold to play (default is bleep but can be replaced)
    6. Trash-talk - Press and hold (Mute the audio output to the Bluetooth, smartphone and USB channels)
  4. Tap clear to wipe out the current recording
  5. Tap Record to record a sfx, playback to hear it, or overdub more tracks to it