DaVinci Resolve "Studio Only" - Auto Caption and Subtitle Workflow

Note you need to use Davinci Resolve Studio - the "Free" version does not support this workflow

Open DaVinci Resolve

Create a New Project or Open an existing project

Click on the Media Tab at the bottom of the interface

If you have a self contained QT export to caption
>Navigate to the file and right click and
>Add into Media Pool

If prompted to Change Frame Rate click Change so the project has the same frame rate as the media file

Click on the Edit Tab

Drag the clip to a new timeline

Or if using an existing project open the timeline you would like to caption

DUPLICATE your final version to make a copy as backup.

Once you've made a duplicate of the timeline

Change the timeline timecode starting at 1 hour to start at zero hour

Go to Timeline
>Create Subtitles from Audio

If you are using the non Studio version of Resolve then you will get this message

>Press Not Yet and you'll have to find a "Studio Version" of resolve to complete this 

CMB 4.112 and CMB 4.120A has Resolve Studio and or call "Tech Staff" ask lab proctor

Then make sure your settings are like the ones in the screen shot.

>Press Create

Then allow the captions to generate.

This can take awhile.

Then you should see a new track on your timeline with the completed subtitles. 

Double check them all for errors and revise.  You may also add music cues and sound effects cues.

Finally, if you are trying to playout via VLC you will need to change the timeline Start Timecode setting to start playback at 0 hour.

Go to DaVinci Resolve locate the sequence you want to change  in the Bin

Right click it and >Timelines>Starting Timecode

Set TimeCode to 00:00:00:00

To export the generated subtitles as a .srt file, navigate to the subtitle track and right click

Click on Export Subtitle...

This menu should be called up

Name your file and make sure you're saving it to the right destination

Click Save