Pro Tools - Export .omf and AVID - Importing ProTools OMF files

How to import an exported .omf from ProTools into AVID

• Select all the tracks in the ProTools session to export.
• Choose File>Export>Selected Tracks as New AAF/OMF

Choose Export as: OMF
• Enforce Media Composer compatibility

Target Project Timecode Format 23.976

Apply SRC to make sure the audio is all the same sample size

•(.WAV) Bit depth 24 and choose Consolidate from source media

Click OK

• Name the session sequence

• Make a new folder on the storage drive to hold the files and name it

Click Save

Shown here the export created the .omf file and

Lots of .wav files

The .wav files need to be put in a folder that AVID will read

On the root level of your hard drive make a folder call OMFI MediaFiles

Put the .wav files in there

Next Import into AVID

Open AVID Media Composer and project

Then in a open bin choose >Input >Import Media

Choose the .omf to import and click OPEN

The omf will import and create a timeline with your sound files linked

to the .wav files you put in the OMFI MediaFiles folder

by Susanne Kraft