AVID - Titler + Plus - How to Create a Title

Wiki created with help from Matt Lennon

First Step is you need to make a new track to put the titles on so if you have only one video track you

will add a V2 track

Go to >Timeline>New>Video Track

To Add a Title to Your Timeline

Navigate to where you want your title in your timeline. 

Mark and In point and an out point on the V2 track or the topmost track that you created

in our example it is V2

Select the Avid Titler+ button in the toolbar menu just above your timeline

Highlighted with the red square

Make sure the Monitor Icon is on V2 so you can see your title

This will apply the effect to the selected clip and open the Titler+ menu -

where you can change font type, font size, font color, outline, shadow etc.

To change the color of the title double click on the square next to the "Fill"

Then the color wheel pops up to choose the color

NOTE: If you accidentally click out of the menu and can’t find it, do the following.

First, move the playhead over the clip when the Avid Titler+ is applied.

Make sure you are in Effect Mode

Click on this icon to get into effect mode

Then, select >Tools > Avid Titler +

That will bring the menu back up.

After selecting your font type and any other starter settings,

select the T to “Add Text Field.”

Navigate over to your Program Monitor and click where you want your title to be placed.

You will get a white bounding box where you can start typing your title

NOTE: Don’t worry about the text placement fully at first.

You can always adjust the title’s location later.

Type out your title.

Add the Safe Title and Safe Action and placement guides to show you how to place the

title centered in the window.

To move the title click on the white bounding box around the title

You can drag from the corner dot or any white dot to make bigger or smaller

Also dragging with the white line will move the title around the image

You can also type in the amount you'd like to scale the text in the Scale X,Y box

This Tool "Move" tool 

Will Move Text to reposition and will Move the entire text layer

Also select the Move tool and click on the text layer "ONE TIME" to change the color or

the font and any other attributes

Use the Alignment Tools shown here to center vertically and horizontally

To add a background to the title

Select Background and turn it ON as shown here

To change the color of the background click on the box next to the background

Double click it to open the color wheel.

To Save the Title as a Template to re-use later

Click and drag the Avid Title+ Icon from the effect editor to an open bin

It is also recommended that you render the title before exporting

Click the "render" icon in the lower left of the "AVID Titler" 

To add a dissolve put your timeline cursor at the beginning of the title

Then click on the dissolve icon show in this example with the red box around it.

Note the track the dissolve is applied to


Dissolve is the effect you are adding

Position option choose centered on cut or starting or ending at cut

Duration 10 or 15 frames or whatever you choose

Choose the drive that you are rendering the effect to

Choose Add and Render to apply the dissolve