Arri/Zeiss Super Speed 35mm PL Mount Film Lens Kit

*Restricted to Thesis Level RTF Students. For access list, please see our Allocation Document.

These vintage film lenses are very popular with students who are going for a specific look.  Due to their age, and original purpose (film cameras), they do not have the same coating that modern lenses have.  Therefore, lens flares will not behave in the same way as other lenses.  This video and/or this video might help in understanding the difference in lens flares with these uncoated lenses versus coated lenses.

We check these lenses out in a kit, including:

Arri/Zeiss 16mm T2.1 Lens (Standard Speed)
Arri/Zeiss 18MM T1.3 lens
Arri/Zeiss 25MM T1.3 lens
Arri/Zeiss 35MM T1.3 lens 
Arri/Zeiss 50MM T1.3 lens
Arri/Zeiss 85MM T1.3 lens 


Duclos Guide to Zeiss Super Speeds