Outlook - How to Add Teams and Zoom or any other Logo to your Email Signature

Open your office 365 account

I am using the web version

Go to Settings

You can title the link as Chat with me to Teams! or whatever you want

The Web address URL for TEAMS will be just like this but your email


Except replace susanne.kraft@austin.utexas.edu with your austin.utexas.edu email address

For Zoom choose the Insert Link and for the Display as:

You can title the link as Connect with me on Zoom or whatever you want

The Web Address URL but you need your zoom ID don't use this one cus it's for me


To find your zoom code open your zoom account

>Go to your Profile Picture

>Choose Settings

Choose Profile

View Advanced Features

The Personal Meeting ID is the link that is circled in RED so that'll be what you

put into the Zoom URL link

Now the ICONs are just copied and paste

click on them to download

Open the jpeg in "preview" or similar and copy it

Put some space before the hyperlink to paste your ICON.

Just hit the space bar a couple of times.

Then Paste the ICON

Click on the image you just pasted and choose size and choose small

The use the bounding box to continue to size as you like

That is it