AVID - How to download and open AVID Project Portrait of An Artist project on a personal computer - Howard

Click on link above

Right click on the AVID Project and choose Download

Right click on the AVID MediaFiles and choose Download

Google Drive will start to zip the media prior to download and then start download

The files will zip for a while and then you will be prompted to

Allow the download so click Allow

You may also get a "Leave Site" click on Leave

There will be zipped files that will start to


When they are finished the progress circle will complete and there will be 4 zipped folders in your downloads folder

Click on "Show All" to get to your downloads folder

Then click on "Show In Finder"

Here are the four zipped folders of AVID MediaFiles and

One AVID Project

Open the zipped folders

Inside all the folders there will be an

AVID MediaFiles folder with a MXF folder and a 1 folder

and in one of the folders there will be the

AVID Project

Copy the files from the expanded downloaded folders to your hard drive

Drag the AVID Project to your hard drive

You will then need to customize your AVID project to


See this wiki on how to do that.

Open the project folder and change the (RENAME) to your name see this wiki on how to rename your project

AVID - Renaming an AVID Project

To Rename you want to change the RENAME to your name from this:

To This

On your external hard drive look to see if you already have an AVID MediaFiles folder. If you do then skip this part. If you don't then on the "Root" level of the hard drive make a folder called AVID MediaFiles then inside that make a folder called MXF then inside the MXF folder make a folder called 1

This is how it should look

Go to Downloads and open each expanded folder go to AVID MediaFiles>MXF>3471 and copy the files into the folder


This is how it should look on your hard drive after you copy all the files from all 4 AVID MediaFiles folder to your hard drive

Then open Media Composer and open the project. At the Media Composer project screen choose the folder ICON to navigate to your project

Click on the project you want to open and choose open.

The project should open and all media is online

That is it your media should open in the project and you can edit.