AVID - How to Export An H.264 Quicktime - Windows Workflow

First step is to note the format your AVID project

Go to >File>Settings

Note here 30i NTSC Aspect Ratio 4:3 or 16:9

720 29.97 or 23.98

1080 59.94 or 23.98

1080 23.98 or 59.94

Note what format your project is you will need to know this later in

this wiki

Next select your final timeline and choose

>RT click the timeline>Choose Output>Export to File

The next window that opens choose Options

Choose to Export As QuickTime Movie

Choose Custom

Uncheck use Marks and Selected tracks to make sure

the entire timeline gets exported.

But if you don't want certain tracks or only a portion of

the timeline you can put in and out points on the timeline and choose

Use Marks and Use Selected Tracks

Width and Height should be whatever your project format is

This is what you figured out at the beginning of this wiki

If you had a NTSC project choose 720 x 480

Next Choose Format Options

Choose Video > Settings

Choose Compression Type H.264

Compressor choose High

Encoding choose Faster encode (single pass) saves a lot of time

Choose OK

Next Click on Sound Settings

Choose Rate 48.00

Sample size 16 bits

Click OK

Once you have all your settings entered in click on


Choose a place to save the file and Name it

Then Click Save

The file will export and be saved looking something like this.