AVID - Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 - Quick Start Editing Workflow

Launch AVID

Click on the Folder ICON and navigate to where you want to save your file

Click On New Project

Choose a location to save your project

Title your Project in Project Name

Format: HD 1080


Format: HD 1080


Color Space default 709

Then Click on Create

Next Choose >Tools>Source Browser

Choose to Link not Import

Navigate to the Day folder for the cards

Click on Link

The clips will load into the Bin shown here

In the BIN choose Format from the top bin setting shown here

The format of the files will be 1080p 23.976 H.264 1080

Select the clips and choose > Clip>Consolidate/Transcode

Choose Transcode

Then select where you want to save the consolidated files and choose the

“Target Video Resolution”

Make sure you have Convert to project frame rate selected

We recommend

DNxHD SQ MXF for deliverable quality for screenings

Also convert the audio sample rate for consistency

Then Choose Transcode

When transcoding is finished you will end up with files with a .new extension use those as those are your new master clips

Edit with the master clip not the linked file

Notice the different icon for a linked file

The linked files you can put in another bin as you won't need them but keep them around just in case we need to re-link to camera originals