Pro Tools - Focusrite RED4Pre Surround Sound setup CMB 4.112A and CMB 4.112B

Make sure HDMI box is set to MULTI at all times

It is located in the ISO box

Open Focusrite Control if you haven't already

Note if installing on a new computer you might have to play with the Mac Security settings making sure that

you allow access 

Trick is to log in as admin and re-install making sure that you allow security access

No Hardware Connected

For No Hardware Connected on macOS– click here.

document is also saved on software in the Focusrite folder

Once installed and running

Make sure that the FocusRite is synced to Internal

If you don't have it synced correctly no sound will come out.

Click on Device Settings

Red 4Pre

Clock Source make sure it is internal

Click on >File Load Snapshot

We have a snapshot for both A and B suites because they are different

Go to >Tempstorage>

Focusrite Control Snapshots : NOTE THERE IS A DIFFERENT ONE FOR 4.112A and 4.112B

Click Open

Note in case it's lost here are the settings for

outputs 3-8 for Suite A

Note in case it's lost here are the settings for

outputs 3-8 for Suite B

Open audio midi setup 

Choose >Focusrite Thunderbolt

Configure Speakers

Choose Configuration 5.1 Surround

>Focusrite Thunderbolt and 5.1 surround config

Each speaker output should send a signal to this cable 

Choose Apply and >Done

This is how to connect your IPAD skip this part if you don't want to connect an IPAD and the Dock

If the Wi-Fi of the computer is already ON, turn the Wi-Fi OFF

Turn the computer Wi-Fi ON
Go to the WiFi Icon and choose > Create Network

The default settings (for the Network Name and Channel ID) are fine.

Click "Create"

Confirm that you are connected to the network that you just created

Put your iPad on the ProTools Dock or use the one that is already there.

TURN IT ON OR -Wake it up by pressing the "Home" key

For more information about using the Dock please refer to the manual:

ProTools Dock (for Apple iPad)

You can also view a YouTube video which walks you through the functionality of the Dock and the App:

YouTube Video - ProTools Dock Walkthrough

Go to Settings
Enable Wi-Fi
Choose the WI-FI network for the Device you just created.
Choose to "Join Anyway"

On the iPad, open the PT Control Application

If you don't have the app installed download it from here

This Step will setup the S3 Console

On the computer, launch the EuControl application. 


Please be patient while launching - it may take a couple of minutes for the application to launch properly.

Once the application is running, go to > Window > EuControl Settings

The Surfaces Tab should list 3 devices:


PT Dock

Your iPad PT Control App

It should look similar to the picture on the right.

The Workstations Tab should list the computer that is connected

The Next Steps Will Setup ProTools Surround Sound and finish connection to the S3 and IPad Dock

Open ProTools > Create Session or Open existing session

ProTools will ask you where the Waves Plugins are.  Go to Applications > Waves > Plugins V9

Click Open

Choose Create Blank Session and or Open an existing session

If creating a blank session,

Choose - Create

Name the session - Local Storage

BWF (.WAV) Audio File Type

24 Bit Depth

48kHz Sample Rate

Last Used I/O Settings

LOCATION (press the location button) CHOOSE one of the ProTools HARD DRIVEs VERY IMPORTANT - you know where you saved your session !!!

click Create to create your session

Go to > Setup > Peripherals

Navigate to the Ethernet Controllers Tab

Enable the Ethernet Port > Ethernet #2

Choose to Enable EUCON

Click OK

Then go to >Setup>Playback Engine

Set to Focusrite Thunderbolt

Then Import the surround sound template for the input and the output


Import Settings

Choose >tempstorage>Templates> UT RTF Default .pio

Choose NO here

Choose to REMAP to the new Monitor Paths

Then Click OK Here

Next Import the video into the project

Choose Import Video

Navigate to the video file that you want to view in the ProTools session

Choose New Track

Import Audio

Click OK

Choose to import at Session Start

Choose to enable the Video Engine

Click Yes

If you would like to use the audio of the video file choose to save it to the default Audio Drive folder

Click OK when prompted

Video Engine will launch and you should be able to see the image on the projector automatically

Go to the "Edit Window View Selector" drop down

Choose I/O

Once the track is imported into the ProTools session change the format of the clip to 720p/23.976 or 1080p/23.976 depending on what kind of file you have

so it plays out to the projector.

Next make sure the Video Track is Online and that the menu states that Video Hardware is Enabled. If Disable Video Hardware is showing it is okay

Go to Options > Video Track Online

Next Go to the Output and set all the tracks to "Main (5.1) > Main"

Turn on the projector

HDMI 1 is the 3rd Computer monitor if you want to see the

computer screen on the projector

HDMI 2 is the output of the BlackMagic Video Card

To see the Video out of ProTools choose HDMI 2

Press A button depressed - For Surround Sound output from ProTools

Press B button pressed - For Surround Sound output from everything else AVID, Resolve, Premiere etc.