AVID - Media Composer 110 Book Media Download and Project Setup

Go to the EditStock Website for AVID Support click this linkhttps://editstock.com/products/mc110

Choose the Download Media Composer 110

2019 Pt 1 - 3 Files Here

The files will start to download

Unzip the downloaded file by double clicking

When you unzip you see the Course Materials

When you open all the downloaded folders you see the contents

We need to put these files in the correct place

The 110 Fundamentals II book goes over where to put these files

On your external hard drive look to see if you already have an AVID MediaFiles folder.

If you do then skip this part. If you don't then on the "Root" level of the hard drive make a folder called AVID MediaFiles then inside that make a folder called MXF then inside the MXF folder make a folder call 1

This is how it should look

Copy the files in the 111 and the 112 folder to the AVID MediaFiles Folder on your

Hard Drive

Put in the AVID MediaFiles >MXF folder example shown here