Pro Tools - ASIO Driver Install For Windows ProTools Computers PC

ASIO enables Windows Laptops to use ASIO as the Playback Engine so you can use your laptops sound output with ProTools

Here is the ASIO Manual to review in case this wiki doesn't help you get ASIO fully setup.  Click Here for the ASIO Manual

You can download the driver at this link below from Utexas Google Drive safely

Then follow the instructions here about how to choose the playback engine as the ASIO

Here are the steps

  • Quit ProTools 
  • download the driver - i have it on my google drive and that one has proven to work for windows users

  • Install the driver -  restart the computer after the install VERY Important

Open a new session to make sure the I/O on the tracks work - Don't open an existing session yet - OPEN a NEW Project to test the audio output.

  • Open ProTools and hit cancel before opening a project or a new project
  • In ProTools go to >setup>playback engine and choose the ASIO4All option

On every track

Go to the "Edit Window View Selector" drop down

Choose I/O and make sure the output is set to

your ASIO sound output

In this example the SST 1-2 worked for this laptop setup

But try all the outputs till you find the one that works and you

hear audio output to the computer speakers

This is also an example from a different computer setup.

Output is set to HD Audio Output 1-2

Again it depends what type of sound card you have as to what

your Audio Output will look like