Pro Tools - Izotope RX8 How to Authorize Izotope to Personal Computer

Navigate to the iZotope product downloads page and download the

"Install Izotope Product Portal"

Download RX 8 Advanced Audio Editor

Put in your email address

NOTE Izotope will make you an account if you don't have one

If you have an account we’ll sign you in, if not we’ll create one for you

Put in your password

Choose the download for your type of computer Mac or PC

Open the installer and run it

It'll take a while to install

Now open ProTools

Make a new protools session

Create a new track in your protools session

Go to the Mix window and add a RX8 plugin to the track

The Authorization window will pop up

Put in your serial number

Name and


Click Authorize

Then you will be asked to verify and submit

You should get a Successful Authorization

Click Finish that is it!!

Remember this will only be good for your log in on the computer

If you log in as someone else it won't work you will have to re-activate.