AVID - How to load a bin file and mxf files to UTBOX

Log into UTBoxhttps://utexas.account.box.com/login

Go to the "New" dropdown in the upper right corner

and choose Folder

Create a New Folder

Put your Name and AVID Project Name

Invite your Teaching Assistant and your Professor

to share the folder and give them Editor permission

Choose Create

The Folder will be created and look like this.

Open it so you can then put the following files in there 

for your TA or Prof to grade.

Go back into AVID or open AVID if it is not open

Open your project and

Make a New Bin

>File>New>New Bin

Title the Bin with your name and project name and 

note that it is submitting for a grade

Like this example

Select the timeline in the Bin and choose to duplicate



Then drag the copy to the "Grading" bin you just made

Open the "Grading" bin you just made

Then choose >File>Save Bin Copy As

Choose to save the file to your hard drive or desktop

Title it with your name and project and any other important


Next locate any audio or video files you imported that are not

included in class media

Ex: Music that you put in under the credits?

Locate your music file in the bin and right click it

Choose Revel File

They will be in your Hard Drive >AVID MediaFiles>MXF>1 folder

as shown here

Right click the files and choose >Copy 

Then go to your desktop or wherever you save the bin file

and paste the items so it'll be easy to upload to UTBOX

Go to the UTBOX folder you just made. and open it

Then drag and drop the files from AVID into your UTBOX


If you have multiple music or video files you added there

will be more .mxf files than just the example here 

But you should have only one file with the .avb extension

that is your AVID bin with the sequence to turn in for grading.