Pro Tools - How to use a Zoom H4 Audio Recorder as a Microphone input

Zoom H4 how to connect via USB to computer menus

Turn on the Zoom H4

Press the MENU button to access the Menus

Click on Menu on the Side Scroll button

Use the Scroll to Navigate through menus

PRESS the Wheel to choose the selection

Scroll to USB AND PRESS THE WHEEL to select it


PRESS connect to connect to the computer 

Press the wheel to select

Then plug in your type 1 older USB mini cable to the H4 and your computer

Open Audio Midi setup

On the Audio Devices should see the H4 Audio In and Out

(if not then check the H4 and make sure it is set to connect to computer via USB)

Then go to ProTools Aggregate I/O

Check the boxes to "Use" H4 Audio IN and OUT

Open ProTools

Click OK to enable ProTools to record from ANY Hardware

Click OK on access to use the Microphone

Open or Create a session

Create a New Audio Track

Choose to create a Mono Track

On the track menu drop down shown here > Click it to show the I/O and check the box to show inputs and outputs on the track

On the Input interface choose
In 3 (Mono)

In 4 (Mono)

On the output make sure that is set to Built – In Output 1-2 Stereo