Zoom and Streamyard - How to stream Streamyard through Zoom

You will need an IMac with a HDMI connection to an external 27 inch monitor

IMac System Preferences>Sound
>Built in Output
Set levels to .81 -6.5

Next in Zoom set levels to 1.0

Launch Chrome


Copy the link and paste in Google browser

Will ask to use your audio and video and agree

When you first open Streamyard

It'll ask you to name the event

Can click the Cam/Mic to get into settings

Enter broadcast studio

Or to get to the Streamyard Preferences

When Streamyard opens
Click on Cam/Mic

Click on Audio

Mic and Speaker

Set to ZoomAudioDevice (Virtual)

Also make sure the mic is muted and camera is off

Note leave Muted and the Camera turned off

When finished set streamyard to full screen

This is how to set streamyard to

Full Screen

Set to Full Screen when you stream out to zoom

Next set up Zoom to show the streamyard full screen

Launch Zoom

Get the zoom meeting link on the production server ISOJ conf. folder

As soon as you get in the zoom session you need to be made the Co-Host

So you can share screens

Rename yourself
Click on Participants

Choose to Rename yourself

ISOJ or whatever

Leave Chat open

Click on

Share Screen


Share Sound and Optimize for Video Clip

Choose Google Chrome – Streamyard


Audio mic settings
Set Speaker and
To Same as System


Set Chat to

Click the MORE button on the Zoom control bar and click on -

Hide Floating Meeting Controls

This will keep the feed to YouTube nice and clean and keep the

control bar from popping up when a new chat appears.