AVID - How to Online, Relink, Upconverted Files Shot at a Different Frame Rate than the Project Frame Rate

This workflow is how to relink footage that has had the playback frame rate changed on it and then transcoded.

Example - Footage is used that has been shot at 60 FPS and used in a timeline at 23.98 the AVID Master clips will not link back to the camera originals.

If the footage was converted to a different frame rate the only way to online or if it was transcoded to a lower resolution is to re-transcode and re-link

Open the AVID project and identify the 59.94 or different frame rate camera originals that were linked in the AVID project and transcoded to the low quality offline files

Note did you change the source settings?? 

>Right Click the Clip in the bin and choose

>Source Settings

Did you change the clip playback frame rate

to either 59.94 or 23.98

If you do not remember Consolidate/Transcode to the higher resolution codec at

both Playback framerates 23.98 and 59.94

Choose the hard drive to transcode to and what resolution for online

Choose to Convert the frame rate here

Then after that clip is converted try to Re-link –

if the clip will not relink to the timeline the go to the “Source Settings”

and change the playback frame rate to 23.98 and then transcode again.

The two original clips are transcoded at both playback frame rates and the resulting files (one of them will relink in the timeline)

The 23.98 fps playback framerate is the longer version FYI

Select all 4 of the new master clips

Choose Relink

>Managed Media

Choose  relinking settings shown here

But if that does not work try setting the sources to match

Select the re-transcoded clips you are trying to Re-link to the timeline

Go to >Clip>Modify>Modify Clip

Choose Set Timecode pulldown and choose

>Set Source

Select New

Create a tape name (123456789) or whatever

Click OK


Now we need to modify the source of the Master clips that were used in the timeline

put the timeline indicator on one of the clips that are offline that we need to fix

Right click on the track and choose >Match Frame Track

Choose the Find bin to locate the master clip that you want to re-link

Select the clip in the bin

Go to >Clip>Modify>Modify Clip

Choose Set Timecode pulldown and choose

>Set Source

Select the SAME tape name you created in this wiki earlier to modify the clips

Click OK


Next Select all the clips in the bin that we copied over into the new bin from the Media Tool

These are the clips that exported from Davinci Resolve

Right click the sequence to relink and choose Relink

Choose Selected Items in All open bins

Choose to relink by Tape Name or Source file Name

If that doesn't work choose

Choose to relink by Tape Name or Source file ID

The sequence will re-link to the Media