RTF Blackmagic Pocket 6K Cinema Camera - and AVID Post Production Workflow

Here is the manual for Advanced Workflows

http://Blackmagic Pocket 6K Camera Manual

The hard drive is already plugged into the USB C port on the camera

This is the primary recording format that will be used

The USB C drive connects in the cradle as shown here

NOTE: The connection is tricky to get so make sure that you see

the BLUE dot on the hard drive shown here.

Power on the camera with the switch on the top of the camera


The home menu is where we will find the recording media

Here we see the "No Card" because we don't have any cards

in the camera because we are using the USB C drive for recording

First format the USB C drive

Press on the screen on the USB External Drive icon

Choose Format Drive

OS X Extended is the recommended choice

Format Drive

Confirm > Format Drive

Hold down the format button for three seconds to format your media.

click OK

Exit To get out of the menu

Press the Menu Icon to get into the menus

Go to the Record tab and set the following

Dynamic Range - Film

Project Frame Rate - 23.98 fps

Preferred Card for Recording - External Drive



ProRes = 4K resolutions

Choose the following settings:

Codec And Quality - ProRes

Choose HQ

Resolution - 4K DCI 4096 x 2160

Recording time on the drive goes up to 175 minutes on this setting

This is the recommended setting by Tech Staff

for the CONSISTENT workflow

Frame up the shot and set focus

The + button on the camera will zoom the shot in the viewfinder

This will help you focus

When you see the RED outlines you are in focus

Press the + button again to exit this mode

Start shooting press record as normal

When finished you can mount the hard drive on any of our lab seats

All have USB 3 inputs

See the files here? They are self contained files

The Blackmagic RAW files have a .braw extension


ProRes have .mov

Back them up to another hard drive or server

Open AVID and create a AVID 4096 x 2160 Color Space - YCbCr 709

Click OK to create the project

Go to >Tools>Source Browser

Navigate to the folder you backed up your card data and click on Link

The files should open in the selected Bin or an existing Bin depending on what the

Target Bin was set to

Format should be 4096x2180/23.976 frame rate

Video should be XAVC Intra 4K

Select the clips and choose > Clip>Consolidate/Transcode

Then select where you want to save the consolidated files and choose the “Target Video Resolution”

We recommend


Then Choose Transcode

Edit with the master clip not the linked file

Notice the different icon for a linked file