CMB 6.102 - Stage/Technical Equipment Inventory

Last updated: 2022-MAR-23

David Cox has purchased the following items for production work in Studio 6A.

(A list of these items has been printed, laminated, and attached to one of the interior doors of our storage cabinets under the west wall risers)

5ClearComCC95Single Muff Intercom Headset
1ClearComFL-7Intercom Call Light
1ClearComMS-702Intercom Base Station
4ClearComRS-601Intercom BeltPack

1K&M21021Extra Tall Boom Microphone Stand - Black
2K&M21070Microphone Stand with Fixed Boom Arm - Black
2K&M25950Extra Low Profile Tripod Base Boom Mic Stand
4K&M21090-500-55Microphone Stand - Short Boom, Extendable
2K&MKM259BLow Tripod Mic Stand - Black

4Manhasset 48Symphony Music Stand - Black

1WhirlwindMS-12-4-XL-050(12x XLR Send & 4x XLR Return) Stagebox to Fanout Snake - 50'
1WhirlwindMS-24-8-XL-050Stage Snake

4ShureQLXD124/85-G50RF Microphone Receiver w/ Hand Mic & Lav

1AudixDP7-PCSNDP7Plus Drum Mics w/ snake & xlr cables