CMB 3.102V - Video System - How to record to SSD from ATEM swicher with Program and ISO

The Blackmagic ATEM switcher can record each video source (cameras and computer) separately from each other .  These are called ISO recordings.  These ISO recordings are stored on the Samsung SSD that is plugged into the back of the ATEM switcher.  These recordings will serve as a backup recording to the switched final output from the switcher.  

There are two ways to initiate an ISO recording to the Samsung SSD.   You can begin a recording from the buttons on the ATEM switcher, or you can start the recording from the ATEM software controller (virtual switcher) that is installed on the iMac sitting on the desk. 

Start a recording from the ATEM switcher

Make sure the Samsung SSD is present and plugged into the Blackmagic ATEM switcher.

On the Streamdeck controller, the top right corner button starts and stops recording on the ATEM and shows you the total runtime.

To begin recording, press the button once and it will turn red and begin to count up. 

You can monitor the record status from the Multi-viewer monitor that is mounted above the Windows PC monitor. 


The information displayed about the recording consist of the record status, timecode for current recording,  total hours recordable to the SSD, and space (in GB) remaining on the SSD. 

To STOP the recording, press the record button again and it will change from red to black.

Start a recording from the ATEM Software Controller

Launch the ATEM Software Controller from the dock or the applications folder.   

Click on the OUTPUT tab on the top right corner of the Software Controller.  Then click on RECORD STREAM

Here you can start and stop a recording.  You can name the file that will be recorded, as well as see the status of the current file recording.  

Make sure that,

Display Status

Record in all cameras

ISO record all inputs

are all checked. 

Record in all cameras will also record to the SSD that is mounted on top of the camera. 

ISO record all inputs will record each video source independently of each other.  

Along with the ISO recording of each camera\video source, a switched PROGRAM OUT will also be recorded to the SSD. 

Whether you start a recording from the ATEM switcher or the ATEM Software Controller, you can still monitor the recording from the Multi-viewer.  

Copy/Backup recorded files

Once a recording session has concluded, you can unplug the SSD from the ATEM switcher and plug it into the iMac. 

The SSD will mount on the Desktop for accessing the files.

On the SSD, you will find a folder with the filename you entered before recording.  In that folder will be the Switched Program video file, an Audio Source Files folder containing separate audio files of the session, and the Video ISO Files folder containing the separate video files of each camera and the stimuli PC. 

Note: All eight switcher inputs are recorded even though they are not being used.  You only need to work with CAM1, CAM2 and CAM3.

Switched Program will be a recording of any camera changes you made throughout the session.
ISOs will be the raw camera captured and can be used to re-edit the order or timing of the switched program.

 Once you have copied/backed up the recorded files, delete the files from the SSD, unmount it from the iMac, and plug it back in to the ATEM switcher.