Garage Band - GarageBand - How to use a Zoom H4 Audio Recorder as a Microphone input

Zoom H4 how to connect via USB to computer menus

Turn on the Zoom H4

Press the MENU button to access the Menus

Click on Menu on the Side Scroll button

Use the Scroll to Navigate through menus

PRESS the Wheel to choose the selection

Scroll to USB AND PRESS THE WHEEL to select it


PRESS connect to connect to the computer 

Press the wheel to select

Then plug in your type 1 older USB mini cable to the H4 and your computer

Connect the mic to the H4 if you want to use a mic to make a better quality recording

Use the scroll wheel on the side to change the input here to the XLR input you have the mic connected in this case it is Input 1

Or IN1

Next scroll over to "Level" to set output levels

PRESS The scroll wheel to select LEVEL

Press the scroll wheel again to select the "Mic Level"

Then hold the scroll wheel down and press up to raise level and down to lower

You will see the little dots go up and down and the LEVEL changing

Will need a magnifying glass to see it however.

You can magnify with a phone

Open Audio Midi setup

On the Audio Devices should see the H4 Audio In and Out

(if not then check the H4 and make sure it is set to connect to computer via USB)

Then go to ProTools Aggregate I/O

Check the boxes to "Use" H4 Audio IN and OUT

Open GarageBand

Go to >GarageBand>Preferences

Go to AudioMIDI

Input Device > Choose H4 Audio IN

Output should be Crestron if in the classroom or computer speakers if on a laptop

Close the preferences to save

Back in GarageBand

Chose Track New Track

Choose Record using a Microphone or Line Input

Choose Input 1 or 2 or 1 and 2

Choose Create

Press the record button to start recording.