How to Upload Files for RTF to Captioning and Transcription Services

NOTE!! tell them not to include music notes because they do not come back into AVID via the .stl

FOR use in AVID Media Composer REQUEST A .stl file
Make .mxf exports of the reels or sequences using this wiki
AVID - How to export a timeline as a MXF OP1a DNxHD .mxf file

You will need to enter in your EID and PW. Also go through the DUO authentication.

You will click on the "Create a New Request" tab

Click on Submit a caption request

Upload the files

Click Upload when all the files are uploaded

Drag the files over from your computer to the window to upload and choose

upload when the file finishes uploading there will be a check box

Check rush delivery if you need fast turnaround.  It is okay to use for RTF Screening

files that are meeting a deadline or class content.

When the captions are finished you will get an email with a download link.

Click on the link

It's better to just log in to the Captioning Services website to download your files

Click on the Download button in the upper left corner to download the caption


You will get a .zipped file but when expanded will contain all the .txt, .srt, and .stl

that you requested.

Next bring those into AVID

AVID - How to Import Captioning Text and Use the Subcap Tool

Or Premiere