Canon Pixma - Pro-1 Printing Help

These printers are installed in DMC 3.210

Drivers should be installed

Here is the link to the driver for the Canon Pixma - Pro-1

Drivers are installed on all the IMacs

around the printer in DMC 3.210

Make sure the printer is plugged in to the USB of the IMac

To see the printer settings go to 

>Apple > System Preferences

Click on Printers and Scanners and should see the 

Canon PRO-1 as shown here

Next it is recommended to >Open Print Queue

Make sure that the "Play button is shown" and it is not in 

Pause. If paused you must hit play to Resume Printing

But may need admin access to resume

In the print Queue you can go to Jobs>Show My Jobs to see

the jobs you are printing

In the print Queue you can go to Jobs>Show Everyones Jobs to see

the jobs everyone is printing.

If you do not want the job printing click on the "X"

The other thing you can do in the Print Utility is show the supply 

levels of the Ink

Click on Options and Supplies and click on the 

Supply Levels Tab

The Yellow triangle shows that the levels are low and the cartridge

needs to be replaced

This is an example of the full Supply Levels w/o the triangle

Click OK to close

To Print

Open the item to print and choose >File>Print

This is a good test page to print

You need to load the paper as shown here

Also have to have the plastic flap closed as shown here

Note where the paper is 

Plastic flap is flipped towards the paper

The bottom tray is open but not flat at an angle

To open the ink trays to replace press the Ink button for about 5 seconds and the

front flap will pop open on both sides

Press the button on the cartridge you want to replace to pop it out and replace

Once you insert the new cartridge you will get this feedback from the printer