AVID - How to Make a 1080 5.1 Surround Sound QuickTime Using Your Interleaved Surround Sound Mix

If your mixer did not give you "One" file that contains 6 channel but instead gave you 6 separate .wav files then use this workflow

AVID - How to Make a 5.1 QuickTime Using 6 separate files Left, Right, Center, Lfe, Ls, Rs

Open your AVID Project

Change you project to HD 1080

Go to AVID Media Composer and choose Preferences

Change to HD 1080p/23.98 

Make a New Bin to import your surround sound mix files

Title the bin how you wish

Link to the Surround Interleaved file that you received from the mixer

Go to >Tools>Source Browser>

The file will be a 5.1 Full Mix.wav file

Click on Link

The file will appear in the bin

Right click on that linked file in the bin and choose Modify > Modify Clip...
Choose Set Multichannel Audio from the drop down
Choose 5.1 SMPTE: L R C Lfe Ls Rs

When you load it into the source window the file will have a 5.1

icon on it shown here

Create a new sequence and edit the 5.1 audio into the new timeline and then delete the other audio tracks that are automatically generated in the timeline

delete the other audio tracks that are automatically generated in the timeline

Edit the 5.1 audio file into this new timeline

Next need to make your video file to overwrite the 5.1 audio file

Select your final color corrected timeline in the bin and double click it to load it into the timeline interfacee

Next choose Timeline>Mixdown>Video

Choose the bin in AVID you want to save the file

Choose where the .MXF will be saved (your hard drive)

Resolution DNxHR HQ 

You will end up with a file titled Video Mixdown after the title of your timeline

Load that video mixdown clip into the source browser and edit that on to the newly created 5.1 timeline that contains the 5.1 audio.

Check the Sync of the entire movie before exporting

Remove the 2POP from the timeline at the head and tail.

Next go to >Tools Audio Mixer

Change these audio mixer settings for the source and record side 

Set the "Monitor Mix Format" to 5.1 SMPTE: L R C Lfe Ls and Rs

Note if you are on a laptop or a computer w/o surround sound hardware connected you won't be able to set the "Monitor Mix Mode" to surround you will just leave it stereo

Set the "Sequence Mix Mode" side to 5.1 as shown here

Close the Audio Mixer

Export the timeline

Select the Sequence to export that has the video mixdown with the 5.1 audio

Go to >File>Output>Export to File

Click on Options

Choose MXF OP1a

Video Compression DNxHD HQ

Mix is 5.1

Make sure Interleaved is checked

Choose a place to save the file choose

And Choose Save