Adobe Premiere Pro - Importing .srt file to use for Captioning

Open your project and open your timeline to add captions

Import your caption files

Navigate to the .srt file and choose Import

Drag the caption from the project window on to the timeline

Format of the track will be Subtitle

Style - None

Start Point

Timeline start

Click OK

If you need to edit the auto generated text, you can double click on the text you wish to edit inside the Captions tab in the Preview pane.   

If you need to adjust the timing of when, or how long, the text is displayed on the screen you can adjust individual text blocks in the subtitle track on the timeline. 

There are two ways to deliver captions

BURN IN CAPTIONS.  This will have the captions on the image of the file.


As a .srt file that will be the captions in a file that can be applied as hidden captions not burnt in but will be "closed captions" 

Be sure you know which way to deliver the captions!


File → Export → Media

In the Export settings window,

Under the CAPTIONS section:

Export Options = Burn Captions Into Video

File Format = SubRip Subtitle Format (.srt)

Frame Rate = Milliseconds

You can now export your movie.

How to export a .srt file

Go to >File>Export>Captions

Choose SubRip Subtitle Format .srt

Include SRT Styling, click OK

Choose where to save the .srt file