AVID - How To Create Site Settings and Copy the Settings To All Lab Seats

Here are the Site Settings from 10_31_23 click here

Here are the Site Settings for the Grad Suites click here

AVID Project

Open a project with the settings you want to establish as Site settings. If a project does not already exist with the settings you want, create a project and make adjustments to the default settings as needed

Go to AVID Media Composer

Click on the User Tab

 Click on Interface

 Change the interface settings and change the colors of the bins or the interface lightness

Click Apply and OK

Then Click on >User>Composer

Choose Always Display Two Rows

And Buttons Display Two Rows

Click OK

Double Click Keyboard and modify the Keyboard settings

Once you've adjusted the settings you want to adjust then open.

Drag over every setting you changed to the Site Settings window. Copies appear in the Site Settings window

Close the Site Settings window. All new users and projects opened from the Select Project dialog box use these settings as the default settings.

Close the AVID project so the settings save

To copy this to the other computers we need to copy the AVID Default settings that just got changed

Go to
/MacintoshHD/Applications/Avid Media Composer/Settings/

to reflect the Site Settings you initially created. Files are MCState, Site_Attributes, and Site_Settings.xml. Site

Copy these files to the other computers you want to have the same settings

Put in this folder on the other computers in the labs

/Applications/Avid Media Composer/Settings/

Note that Apple Remote Desktop didn't work to copy the files

/Applications/Avid Media Composer/Settings/

Then we need to give read and write to that folder /Applications/Avid Media Composer/Settings/ and apply to all enclosed items

Note if any users have already created User Profiles we need to delete them so that 

the new user profile will be created with the new default site settings

The Apple Remote Desktop commands are as follows in this order

AVID Remove AVID Share User Accounts - Run as Root

sudo rm -rf /Users/Shared/AvidMediaComposer/Avid\ Users 

AVID - Remove AVID Settings Folder

sudo rm -rf /Applications/Avid\ Media\ Composer/Settings

AVID - Copy Site Settings from AVID MC Settings

Once you download the settings folder put them in this folder on the laptop running the ARD command

Put them here on the laptop

/MacintoshHD/Applications/Avid Media Composer/Settings/

When you run the ARD command to copy

Destination is the same location as on your laptop.

Choose destination is same relative location

Last give Read Write to the settings folder using this command

sudo chmod -R 777 /Applications/"Avid Media Composer"/Settings