Canon - How to Load Printer Profiles - Moab - Canon Pro-1

Download the Moab Paper Profiles

See this link (but we already have the profiles)
Click to download the ColorSync folder for Moab printer profilesDownload Here

After you download put them in the Macintosh HD > Library Folder

Remember you have to hold down the alt/option key WHILE 

choosing >Go

Open Photoshop CC or other app to print but this is for Photoshop info:

  1. Select Print from the File menu.
  2. Select the appropriate printer in the dropdown menu in the dialogue box.
  3. In the Color Management section, set Color Handling to ‘Photoshop Manages Colors’,
  4. then select the appropriate Moab ICC Profile from the Printer Profile list.
  5. Click the Print Settings button and in the new window that opens,
  6. Choose the paper size. From the drop down menu (MacOS) select your paper type (media setting) 
  7. Verify your print size in the Position and Size section, and then click Print

These are the MOAB profiles installed

These are the Canon Profiles installed