Avid - Crashing Quitting Unexpectedly - Exception: AMPI subsystem error ErrorMessage Permission denied when launching Media Composer

Are you getting this error message preventing you

from launching Media Composer on your Mac?

Exception: AMPI

subsystem error, ErrorMessage:Permission denied (13)

This is most likely related to a permission

error in a "Pro Tools" Presets folder.

1. Click OK to Exit Media Composer

2. Try moving the "Pro Tools" Folder that is in your current user's

Documents folder.
The documents folder might be in a different folder,

depending on how you have set up your Mac.

You can normally find the "Pro Tools" folder by clicking the Documents sidebar.

Or, you can also check the Normal default path:
Macintosh HD:Users/<YourUsername>/Documents/Pro Tools/

3. Drag the "Pro Tools" folder to for example the Desktop,

and Launch Media Composer again.
The "Pro Tools" folder will be re-created with the default presets

for all audio plugins during launch.

Note: The "Pro Tools" folder in your Documents should exist

even if you do not install Pro Tools on the same system as your Media Composer.