JAMF - How to Remove Automatically Applied Profiles In Terminal App - That Can Not Be Removed in System Settings

The profiles get installed automatically

But if there is a problem and the computer is

not showing up in the JAMF console and or if

it gets deleted and you need to re-enroll you

won't be able to unless you delete these profiles

so you can re-enroll the computer to JAMF 

Boot into Recovery Mode by holding down the power button

on the M1 computers and or on Intel Macs Command + R keys 

then open Terminal

Type in

cd /Volumes/Macintosh\ HD/var/db/ConfigurationProfiles/  

rm -rf *   (space between rm and – and rf and *

mkdir Settings

touch Settings/ .profilesAreInstalled (space between / and the .)


Then you can re-enroll the computer

See this wiki on how to install the Utexas JAMF profiles

Jamf - Mac Computer Enrollment - How to get the MDM Profiles to install on a Macintosh