JAMF - How to make Browser Install Packages or Update Existing

JAMF – How to make and updated browser packages and policies

Download the installers and updated installers. Do not unpack leave as .dmg files

Go to Full JAMF Pro


Computer Management


Look for packages

COMM – Chrome

COMM - Firefox

Click on the package and choose "Edit"

Click on Filename
>Choose File

Click on the .dmg

Choose Open

Notice that when you choose the .dmg file it changes the Display Name make sure to change it back to
COMM – Firefox or
COMM - Chrome

When you click Save the file will upload

Now to repush or make a new policy
Go back to COMM not full JAMF

Choose Computer>

In our case there was not one for Firefox so lets create one
>click on New

Display Name

COMM – Firefox
Check Enabled

Recurring Check-in is the policy will run every 15 minutes till it's been run on that system 

Check the box Automatically re-run policy on failure On next recurring check-in

Click on Packages


Find your package and click on Add

Leave at default Distribution Point

Choose Install or Cache or Install Cached

Click SAVE

Then click on Scope

Choose Edit

Choose Selected Deployment Targets

Click on add

You will choose to add
>Computers for individual computers
>Computer Groups for adding smart groups of entire labs

To add a computer search and select the computer to add

To add a Computer Group find the computer group and click Add

Your targets have been selected and the show up as Targets

For all our TS and Labs just use these two groups

Then click on Save

To remove targets click Remove

Click on Show in Jamf Pro Dashboard to monitor the process

Click on the jamf home page to see the dashboard

The status will show up here.

Completed, Pending etc.

Note when you change the .dmg file to update the apps in order for the policy to push again

You need to flush the history

Go to > COMM

Then Click on >Policies

Look for COMM - Chrome or COMM - Firefox we'll be doing both since we updated both

Click on the policy to open it

Click on Scope

Choose Flush All to kick off the update

The status of the computers will go into Pending

To monitor look at the dashboard

See the completion rate here