Adobe Bridge - Batch Convert file names or extensions

Bridge Resources from Adobe:

Adobe bridge can be used to rename files in bulk on the Mac or PC.

  1. Start Adobe Bridge (Mac: Applications > Adobe Bridge; PC: Start > All Programs > Adobe > Adobe Bridge)
  2. Click the folders tab and navigate to the folder of files you want to rename. If you don't see the folders tab, click View > Show Folders.
  3. Select the files you want to rename (you can use shift-click, edit > select-all, or ctrl/option-click to select multiple files)
  4. Once you have the files selected, click Tools > Batch Rename
  5. You can choose to rename in the same folder (which will modify your original files ... somewhat dangerous) or to copy the renamed files to a new folder (safer because it doesn't modify your original files)
  6. There are options to rename files based on Date/Time, Sequence (1,2,3...), Adding or Removing Text, and even the name of the parent folder
Batch Convert File Extensions Settings:
  • New Filename Variable 1 = Preserved Filename with option Name
  • New Filename Variable 2 = New Extension (type the new extension here)