After Effects - Converting 23_98 QuickTimes to 29_97

Written by Susanne Kraft,


How to Convert a 23.98 QuickTime to a DV/DVCAM-NTSC 29.97 file

• Launch After Effects

• Go to >File>Import to import the 23.98 QuickTime to be converted

• Drag the imported file down to the “Create a new Composition” icon.

• A new Composition will be created and the QuickTime will be loaded into the

composition timeline.

• Now check the “Compositions Settings”

• Change the frame rate to 29.97.

• Also will need to change the Preset: to NTSC DV

• Next add the file to the render queue by selecting.

• >Composition>Add to Render Queue

• Click on the “Render Settings”

• Change the following

• Quality=Best, Resolution=Full, Field Render=Lower Field First, 3:2 Pulldown

WSSWW, Motion Blur ON, Time Span=Length of Comp (so entire composition exports) Frame Rate Sampling should be set automatically to 29.97 as shown. Click OK to close Render Settings.

• Next click on “Output Module” settings

• Set the following:

• Format=QuickTime Movie Leave the rest as shown

• Video Output should be checked and then click on “Format Options”

• Set the Compression type to DV/DVCPRO-NTSC @29.97 frames per second at Best Quality. Leave the rest as shown. Then click OK.

• The last thing to check is that Audio Output is selected if needed. Set the quality to 48kHz and 16bit Stereo. Then click OK.

• Finally select the “Output To” dialog and set that as to where the rendered file will be stored.

• Name the file and save it to the appropriate folder/drive. Then click OK.

• Now click “Render” to start rendering the timeline.

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