Media Duplication – Mini DV to DVD - (JVC SR-DVM70)

This workflow covers how to use the MiniDV to DVD deck.  Use this workflow to transfer your MiniDV material directly to a standard definition DVD.

Please note that this requires an unused _DVD-R/RW.  _If you need to purchase a DVD-R, RTF equipment checkout in HSM 2.102, 7-11, & the University Coop sell them.

Load the Mini DV cassette you want to dub. Make sure its erase protection switch is set to “save”.

Turn the monitor on.

Each device has a number on it (Ex: "4 - MiniDV to DVD").  On the switcher below the monitor, select the number of the device you are using.

Cue the MiniDV tape up to where you would like to begin your recording.  Do this by using the play and fast forward/rewind buttons.


Find the remote that corresponds to your device.  The remote is labeled with the same name as the device.

On the remote, press DUBBING to access the Dubbing Menu screen.


Press Arrows buttons on the remote to select DV --> DVD, then press ENTER.


Select ENTER, then press ENTER.

Press the down button twice to select CONFIRM then press ENTER.

EXECUTE will be highlighted then press ENTER.

  • Once dubbing starts, it will continue dubbing until the end of the tape is reached.
  • To cancel the dubbing, press STOP then (arrow left) , (arrow right) to select CANCEL and press ENTER to confirm.
  • If the tape is not rewound, the unit will start dubbing after automatically rewinding the tape to the beginning.
  • Press RETURN to move back to each screen and make changes to previous settings before dubbing begins.

When recording is complete, press SET UP to start finalizing the DVD.


Using the keys on the remote control, navigate to the SetUp tab. Press the arrows Up, Left, Left to reach the  HDD/DVD/DV SET UP tab.


Then down, right, right to reach the DISC SET UP box.  Choose a layout.

FINALIZE then press ENTER.

Press down, down, down, right to reach the blue menu screen then press ENTER.

? OK then press ENTER.

? OK then press ENTER.