Unlock a mainframe logon

  1. Select the "Fiscal COM-PLETE" application

2. Log into the mainframe using your EID and EID password and hit Enter

3. Type "*dpuser" at the prompt (case-insensitive) and hit Enter. 

4. Type "UP" (for 'user profile') and the user's logon as shown and hit Enter.

5. The user's profile page should show an "L" on the UserID Status field and, typically, the reason shown in the Status Comment field will be "Inactivity - 45 days" with the date it was locked.  If this seems legitimate, i.e., you know the user has not left their position, nor is there any disciplinary reason for the logon to be locked, proceed to the next step.

6. Type an '"N" over the "L" and clear out the reason field by typing spaces over it.  Hit Enter.  The profile page should look as shown at the right. The date of the lockout will clear automatically.

7. Hit F8 to exit DPUSER.