How to create an Appspace space reservation account (For Moody Tech only)

Invite one or more users to Appspace, and simultaneously assign roles, user groups, and locations. Manage user profiles, libraries, roles, and permissions, thereafter.

  • Log in to the Appspace console.  Make sure that you are in the platform view and not in the employee app

  • click the +ADD button and select Invite User.
  • Click the +QUICK ACTION button on the console toolbar and select Invite Users.

  • In the Invite Users window, enter the user’s EID using the <EID> format (IID), and click ADD. You may enter multiple IIDs by hitting the tab after each entry

  • Assign a User Group.  It will auto populate as you type.
  • Assign a user License.
    • Premium – ideal for users who are employees, for access to the Appspace Employee App to view employee content and make workspace reservations within the organization, either through their mobile devices, or from a web browser.  Do not assign a platform license for Room Reservations.
  • Assign Moody College as Home Location
  • Do not assign a "Role" for Room Reservations.

  • Once done, click SEND INVITES, and a list of all invited users that have, or have not accepted their user invitations will be listed on the Users dashboard.
  • Proceed to the Manage User Profile section below to update licenses, roles, permissions, and user details, after they have accepted the user invitation.

Check on status of invites by clicking on "Pending Users"