AVID - Decompose Tool



How to Capture Online media in AVID w/o deleting offline media

1. In AVID project make a new bin and title it Online Bin or similar

2. Duplicate the sequence to online and copy it into the new online bin

3. Load the online sequence into the timeline by double clicking on it

4. With the sequence selected in the Online Bin go to the >Clip menu and select >Decompose command

5. In the Decompose menu check mark Digitized Clips and enter in the length of handles needed 48 to 60 is common.  Then click OK

6. The next prompt select OK to relink the Online sequence to the offline clips 

 The sequence will decompose and create a number of offline clips in the bin.  Only select the sequence to batch capture.

Now follow the rest of the “Batch Capture” worksheet following:

How to Patch to AVID Adrenaline from MR for capturing

1. In Machine Room on the Digital Video Patch Panel patch DigBeta deck SDI out to AVID 3 or AVID 6 SDI in.

2. Patch Machine Control DigiBeta to AVID 3 or AVID 6.

3. Put tape in deck and put deck in remote.

Batch Capturing is what you do once you have a bin with logged clips or a sequence in it that you made from an EDL (see EDL worksheet.)

OR you may have taken your offline project into the AVID by copying the AVID project from your offline system to the Adrenaline.

If you double-click on your sequence or clips, you'll notice they will come up in the source screen as "media offline" Here's how to batch capture.

1. Select all the clips you wish to capture by holding down "shift" and clicking each clip. you can also type "Command-A" to select the whole bin.

2. Go to Avid Menu>Tools>Capture   Make the following changes:  Video input=SDI Audio input = SDI Res=1:1 (online)  Storage=LOCAL STORAGE AREA NETWORK DRIVE

Deck should be set to SONY DVW-A500 (digibeta) if not click on the deck configuation (right under the "play" button) and select

"Auto-configure"  click "Yes" at this next window.

3. Select all the clips you wish to capture by holding down "shift" and clicking each clip. you can also type "Command-A" to select the whole bin.

4. Go to Avid Menu> Clip >Batch Capture

5. The batch capture box comes up. Check offline media only if it's not already checked and hit OK.

You will be prompted to load in the first source tape.

6.The computer will do the rest, advancing the deck to each record point and recording.

7. Hit Esc if you want to stop early.  When your done you will be able to double click on your clips in the bin and they will appear in the source window.

Remove your tape from the deck when finished.