AVID - How to Import MXF files (originated from Panasonic HVX200_P2)

How to Importing MXF files (originated from Panasonic
HVX200/P2) into Avid.
1. Copy P2 media on to the Storage Drive in a folder called Avid
Go to Drive and look for a folder called AVID MediaFiles inside that a folder
called MXF and then inside that a folder called 1.
Put all MXF files in the folder called 1.
The MXF files to import are only the ones located in the VIDEO and AUDIO
folders (under CONTENTS)
2. Launch AVID and create a project that matches the MXF media frame rate
and aspect ratio. Usually 720p/23.976 or 1080p/23.976 or 1080i/59.94.
Name project and click OK

3. Once AVID launches project go to >Tools > Media Tool
Select the all the Media Drives and All Projects.
Make sure that only Master Clips is selected and Click OK

4. When the Media Tool shows all the clips select the ones that you created
and drag the clips to a newly created bin in the AVID project.
5. EDIT your project


By Susanne Kraft