AVID - Importing a SD 4 x 3 DVD into an HD 1920 x 1080 AVID Project

Open the DVD file in Mpeg Streamclip.

Choose to Export to QuickTime

For standard DVD keep frame size at 720 x 480

Choose the compression as either 1 to 1 or ProRes or AVID DV100 codec. Then choose to Make Movie


Import the new QuickTime into AVID.

Click on a Bin in your AVID Project and choose>File>Import

Choose your Resolution that matches the project that your currently working with. For our example we choose XDCAM – EX 35MB

Choose the storage drive to save the imported File to and then click on "Options"

Choose the Image tab

Choose Image sized for current format

Choose to keep the File Pixel Video Mapping to Computer RGB (0-255) this is because the file originated from a DVD export

Choose to Ignore the Alpha Channel because there is not one

Click OK

Once the file is imported into your AVID HD Project you need to apply a "Resize" filter on the clip once it is edited into the timeline.

Go to your FX tab in the AVID project window and choose 4:3 Sidebar