Scene Shop Training & Safety Resources


The CMB 4 Scene Shop is in compliance with the Occupational Safety Training requirements established by Environmental Health & Safety.  To acquire access to the shop, please complete the following steps:

  1. All users must complete the mandatory UTLearn Training Module for Shop Safety (OH 500).  Instructions on how to do this can be found here.
  2. Once completed, email your certificate of completion to the Shop Supervisor (
  3. Contact the Shop Supervisor ( to schedule an in-person training session
  4. Once authorized, please request the CMB 4 proctor open the shop for you.

           *Access is limited to proctored hours:

            M-TH, 8AM-10PM

            FRI, 8AM-5PM

            SAT, 12PM-5PM

            SUN, 12PM-10PM


There are several safety posters available here and posted inside the shop.  They include:

  • Hand Tool Safety 
  • Shop Safety Rules
  • Shop Safety Training 

  • Anyone planning to work in the shop should familiarize themselves with these documents and arrange for a safety meeting with the Shop Supervisor ( prior to the start of work.  It is important that students do not work alone, and that all safety rules are followed.  In case of any problems, see the following contact list, posted here and near the phone in the shop:

Scene Shop Contact List


For other concerns, contact the CMB 4 proctor on duty, or:

Jeremy Gruy (512) 232-2760 or (512) 671-0785

Jeff Bachschmid (512) 471-6141 or (512) 633-5054

David Cox (512) 364-0953 or (512) 415-5947