Obtaining a Canvas Token to link account with Quest (UT only)

The integration between Quest and Canvas is currently only by request and only for University of Texas users. If you would like more information about this feature, please contact us at questhelp@austin.utexas.edu (and include your eid please). Also give us a shout if any links are not appearing --we need to give you an additional permission to make the 'send to Canvas' button visible.

1) First, ensure you have the course created in both Canvas and Quest. (If creating a course in Quest you want student to access before rosters have loaded, please use the specific unique(s) of your course so rosters will sync appropriately.) Then go to your user settings page within Canvas.

(Note: account settings is not the same thing as course settings. If you don't see something similar to the image above please make sure you're in your Canvas account icon on the left hand side.)

At the bottom of the page is a heading "Approved Integrations", this is where you will obtain the access token to allow Quest to import information into your Canvas course.

2) Press the "New Access Token" button and enter "Quest" as the purpose. Leave the expiration date blank and click "Generate Token".

3) The next slide that appears will provide the full access token which you will need to copy and paste into a dialog box on your Quest profile page.

As noted on the page, this is the only chance to retrieve this token, so it is recommended that you not close this page until the token has successfully been added to your Quest profile.

4) Next, open a browser tab and go to your user profile in Quest by clicking "Account" at the top right of the homepage.

Select the University of Texas tab--

where is a box where you can enter the Canvas key you've just generated.

5) Paste the key into the available box. Finally, click "Update" at the bottom of the page to save the key. Once this is completed, you will have a notification as demonstrated below.

6) Hooray! You've associated a key with your Quest account! Last thing is to make sure that there's the same number of Quest and Canvas sections (that is, if you consolidated your sections on Quest, or Canvas, please make sure this is done on the other as well). To do this on Quest (if classes have already loaded), just send us a note (questhelp@austin.utexas.edu) letting us know what sections you want together. If this is before classes have loaded, just put in the appropriate 'associated uniques' as your setting up the course. For Canvas, there is a merge button on the home page-https://canvas.utexas.edu/ - please push that merge courses button and select the courses you want to merge together.

7) Quest will be linking your courses as described here--you do not have to take any action.  Once you have grades linked, Quest assignments will hyperlink to their same name in Canvas automatically.

Please note: If the name of the Quest Assignment Type where you've created the assignment (under settings) matches the name of the Canvas Assignment Group, the assignment should automatically get filed in the correct spot when it's transferred to Canvas.  There is no need for you to create the specific assignment in Canvas first.

Grades will be sent in mass once the assignment closes, and through an overnight reconciliation for those who finish early. If for any reason a grade is not sending after the due date feel free to go to the assignment and push the 'send to canvas' button on the left side bar to nudge if forward.

We're here to help if anything doesn't seem to be behaving!