Guest Artist

This section contains general information on the process required to invite and/or fund a guest artist to the Department of Theatre and Dance. Please contact the Finance Office Staff Liliana Zapatero.

What is a Guest Artist?

A guest artist is an individual that is brought into our department to perform services as a visitor. Guest artists include individuals that are not affiliated with The University of Texas, but may also include UT Faculty, Staff, and students.

Examples of Guest Artist Work

  • Workshops
  • Substitute for a class
  • Actor/Director/Choreographer/Playwright/Designer
  • Mentor
  • Photographer/Videographer
  • Guest Speaker

Timeline for Submitting Paperwork

  • Local Guests: 15 business days before first day of service. 
  • Out of Town Guests: 1 month before first day of service.
  • International Guests/Companies: Request a meeting with Liliana as soon as possible to discuss the project. International guests could require extended application times (3 month minimum).
  • UT Students/Faculty/Staff: 1 month before first day of service.
    The Business Process for Students/Faculty/Staff has transitioned to Workday
  • Parking: 48 business hours in advance.