Troubleshooting UGS Web Services

The WebDev Team

The WebDev Team is responsible for the UGS secure websites - UGS sites which require an EID login to access and the backend databases these websites access. Additionally, we help create Cognos reports. The team is:

John Croslin

Leslie Monclova

If you have any questions, problems, or requests, please send them to the team email address:

Emails to this address are delivered to all members of the WebDev team, and ensures your issue is addressed promptly and by the team member best equipped to handle it. Please do not cc individual team members when sending to the team address.

Who to contact for…

UGS Secure Websites

Issues relating to UGS secure websites, contact the WebDev team. Secure websites are distinguished with URLs like:

WebDev Team address:

Data or report requests, particularly those concerning UGS database resources or Cognos reports, contact the WebDev team.

WebDev Team address:

Issues relating to the UGS Public Site, contact the Drupal Team. UGS Public Site pages are distinguished with URLs like:

Drupal Team address:

For any hardware or software issues, contact UGS IT

UGS IT address:

For any other issues, or if you aren’t sure, please contact UGS IT

UGS IT address:

Production vs Test Environments

UGS Secure Sites exist in two types of environments:

Production: live and intended for active use,

Test:  intended for ongoing development and in-house testing prior to going live.

Unless you are participating in testing requested by the WebDev team, make sure that you are in the Production Environment. If you are having trouble with a website, particularly if it doesn’t look the way you think it should or the data looks wrong, please confirm that you are not in a Test environment before contacting the WebDev team.

Do not distribute, post, or link to Test sites. These are intended only for specific internal use. Sending students or faculty to Test sites can result in errors, confusion, and loss of data.

What to send to WebDev

If you are encountering problems with a secure website please provide WebDev the following:

  • UT EID for all affected parties: Whether you are having a problem with a website, requesting/removing access to a service, or forwarding a student reported issue, always include the UT EID for all affected parties.

  • A Screenshot: A screenshot is the single most effective item to help troubleshoot a problem.

    • Include the entire browser window, including all error messages: please do not only select one part of the page (e.g. the affected field or error message)

  • Make sure the URL is included: the URL contains a host of useful information that will allow us to quickly identify and address the error. Make sure the URL is included and readable.

  • Send screenshots as attachment, at full size: do not include screenshots in the body of the email, attached to word or other documents, and do not resize them. Anything that might affect the size of the screenshot reduces visibility and can make information like the URL or error codes unreadable.

  • Macs have a number of convenient keyboard shortcuts for creating screenshots:
    • Window: Shift + Command + 4 + Space
    • Screen: Shift + Command + 3
    • Selector: Shift + Command + 4
    • Application: Grab or

  • This includes issues reported by students or faculty: Before forwarding these issues to us, please include the reporter’s EID, and wherever possible, ask that they include a screenshot following the above parameters.

Display Name issues for users and students

Please see the Names in UGS Web Services page for more information

General Resources

UGS Homepage > Staff > Design/Web Resources

UGS Communications Wiki (accessible on the Design/Web Resources page)

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