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    • Go to Setup>Session and ensure the Timecode rate matches the HyperDeck (30fps)
    • Open Clockworks and set Internal / 30 (same as HyperDeck) / Record
    • Hit play on the Clockworks transport window - Pro Tools should now start running
    • Switch "Internal" in Clockworks to LTC Quicklock
    • Pro Tools and the Hyperdeck should be following the Time of Day Timecode from the ATEM
    • FIX SYNC OFFSET - If there is an offset between Pro Tools and the Hyperdeck, it can be fixed by going to Pro Tools Setup>Current Timecode Offset
      • For 2.106, the offset at the time of making this wiki is 00:00:00:06 (Desired Timecode Position if Current Timecode Position is 00:00:00:00)

    • Open Pro Tools & create new session using "2.106 PRODUCTION" Template
    • Record Ready all tracks
    • Enable Transport button - Pro Tools should start chasing timecode
    • Press record on HyperDeck

    • If Pro Tools isn't following the Hyperdeck, try any of the following and it will likely fix itself:
    • Restart Pro Tools
    • Unplug MOTU and plug back in after 15 seconds
    • Ensure Lock button on MOTU is bright green
    • Restart Computer