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Choose Macintosh HD

Mac side workflow:

Login with EID and Pw to the Teaching Station

Open Zoom

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Choose Sign In

Click on SSO

Type in utexas should already be in there

Click Continute

Log in again with EID and PW

Choose Sign IN

Two Factor Duo authentication terms

Choose Allow for zoom here

Choose OK for Microphone

Go to

Click OK here for Zoom to use the cameras

Then choose Video

Here are the choices for Camera

Choose SDI Video to use the “Pan, Tilt and Zoom” cameras in the room

(Best Quality)

These are controlled using the controllers

on the desk in the back corner of the room

>Or choose the Webcams

Want the CU camera

>Choose Logitech Webcam C925e

want the wide shot of the room

>Choose HD Pro Webcam C920

Then click on the Audio Preference

Speaker set to “Crestron”

Microphone set to “USB Audio Device”

USB audio selects the ceiling mics in the room 


The 4 microphones that are in these two drawers.

At the production desk in the back corner of the room make sure on

the mixer press 

Layer A 

and Mix 3 for Zoom

If you would like to use the Microphones

Make sure Yellow, Red, Blue or Green is turned up depending on what mic / mics

Also make sure that the Master audio is also turned up