Adobe Subscription Management:

Renewing your Adobe Subscriptions.   

Adobe subscriptions must be renewed yearly by the unit head or a designed manager. ~30 days before renewal automatic emails will start going out reminding managers to renew their adobe subscriptions by visiting the renewal page. To Renew:

  1. Ensure the account number for your unit is valid. If you need to change it you can get a list of all the accounts you manage by clicking the hourglass and selecting an account. Once done ensure you click the Save button.
  2. You can remove any users you don't want to continue by clicking the "Cancel" button next to their subscription.
  3. Once you're ready click the Renew button which will display your total.
  4. Once you see the total renewal. You must click the "I Approve" button to finalize your renewal and approve the charge.

Borrow an Adobe License

Adobe licenses are loaned out for ~3 days at a time. The extra licenses we loan are also used to temporarily provision people who have purchased Adobe products so they can run out. A user can be added to the wait queue and if there are licenses they will receive on within 10-20 minutes. They can also remove themselves from the queue or return the product early here.  The library size can be negative if several people just purchased a full license on the tool, but we the licenses haven't been issues and this usually fixes itself within 5-10 days. users can borrow a license here

Add a new User

o add a new user click on Manage my Adobe Users. That will list all the units you manage.

  1. Find the unit you want the user to be associated with.
  2. Ensure that the "Default Account" is valid for that unit.
  3. You can enter an account number, or click the hourglass to select one of your accounts and then click Save.
  4. At the bottom of the unit you cane either enter the users eEID into the New User field or start typing their name and select one of the suggested options.
  5. Select the product you want to buy
  6. Click Purchase
  7. On the next screen Click Approve
  8. We will automatically purchase and provision your user. This process can take up to a week.

Manage My Adobe Users: Unit heads and authorized representatives  can manage their units here. They must enter a Default Account for any unit they use. The hourglass will show you a list of accounts you own and you can select one or you can manually enter one in the textbox. Once you enter an account click the Save button. You can "Cancel" any users license and it will be available for another user. "Free" licenses owned by your units are shown in green and are available for borrowing by anyone until they are used. You can also buy a license by entering their EID (or name and it will search) selecting the user, choosing a product and then clicking Purchase. You will then be shown the price and  can Approve the purchase. If you are faculty and do not have a unit listed please let us know as all faculty should have PI "Unit" but sometimes that takes a few weeks/months to show up and we can create a unit manually for oyu.

IT Staff

Finding a user. Just view active units and use your browser find feature.

If you buy a product outside the system enter it under "Process Purchases" You must enter the year (2020 would be a purchase for a license ending April 2020) and the number of products purchased.

"Year":  2022 starts on April 25st 2021 and run through April 24th 2022. 

View Active Units: This lists units who have current subscriptions. Since we have over 400 units it won't list a unit unless it's already in use. To manually add someone (which you shouldn't do b/c you can't approve purchases). You will have to use "Unit Search" to find the unit first.

Unit Search: Find a unit by name etc..

Edit Admin Stuff:  Here you can see the Products available for use/purchase. You can also set the Current yearly cost and next years cost(when we know). Next years cost will turn to 0 and become the current years cost when we roll over on our anniversary date (Currently April 24th). MIN Spare is the number of "extra" licenses we keep on hand until we buy more. "Max Spare" is the number of extra licenses we buy at a time. For example if min spare is set to 2 and max spare is set to 4 then when we get below 2 (0 or 1 free license) we will buy enough licenses to bring us up to 4 free licenses.

Process Purchases: Here you can see Purchases (View Old Purchases) and Quotes. The system automatically generates quotes if  18 or 26  account purchases something or when we run low on licenses (see Edit admin stuff).  You an delete a quote, but then the system will just regenerate a quote to bring us up to number we need.