Course setup for a rerun

edX Rerun list  of data that is duplicated and copied over when you re-run.

  1. Course Settings

    • Set course start and end dates: Studio-->Settings–>Schedule & Details
    • Ensure discussion board settings do not have blackout dates copied over from the previous run
    • Add necessary discussion board admins/moderators
  2. Add course team users

    • Studio-->Settings-->Course Team
  3. Add discussion moderators

  4. Surveys

    • Determine course survey plan
    • Revise previous course survey
    • Once approved, insert surveys into course
  5. Enable Mobile

    • Coordinate with UT edX PM to determine need to run the mobile script before the course starts
    • Once mobile script is run, enable mobile via Studio-->Advanced Settings-->Mobile Course Available= true
  6. Course image

    • Check that the course image is showing on the dashboard
    • If not, set up via Studio-->Settings and Details
  7. Marketing

    • Email out to your previous MOOC students through the previous course’s email tool informing them of the new course.
    • Post to Facebook, Google plus and other social media channel