Resources related to the platform

edX Documentation: Up to date documentation to help you do what you need to do when building your course.


How-to tutorials from edX

    • edX 101 - Overview of Creating an edX Course This is an example of a course built with Studio. It is a self-paced walk through of planning, building, and running your own online course.
    • Creating a Course with edX Studio - This will introduce you to edX Studio, edX’s course-authoring tool.

    • edX Demo course is a fun and interactive course designed to help students explore the edX learning experience. We recommend that you become familiar with the student’s experience of an edX course before you begin building your first course.
    • Blended Learning with edX is a course from edX that covers the use of edX to blend educational technology with traditional classroom learning to improve educational outcomes. Perfect for instructors or institutional leadership interested in creating blended learning experiences with edX.
    • Creating Video for the edX Platform - introduction to the video creation process for


Stanford Course - examples of features implemented